New preprint: Multivariate generalized linear-statistics of short range dependent data

A new preprint joint with Svenja Fischer and Roland Fried about “Multivariate generalized linear-statistics of short range dependent data” is online at arXiv.

Abstract: Generalized linear (GL-) statistics are defined as functionals of an U-quantile process and unify different classes of statistics such as U-statistics and L-statistics. We derive a central limit theorem for GL-statistics of strongly mixing sequences and arbitrary dimension of the underlying kernel. For this purpose we establish a limit theorem for U-statistics and an invariance principle for U-processes together with a convergence rate for the remaining term of the Bahadur representation. An application is given by the generalized median estimator for the tail-parameter of the Pareto distribution, which is commonly used to model exceedances of high thresholds. We use subsampling to calculate confidence intervals and investigate its behaviour under independence and strong mixing in simulations.