New Preprint: Change-Point Detection and Bootstrap for Hilbert Space Valued Random Fields

A new preprint joint with Béatrice Bucchia about „change-point detection and bootstrap for Hilbert space valued random fields“ is online at arXiv.

Abstract: The problem of testing for the presence of epidemic changes in random fields is investigated. In order to be able to deal with general changes in the marginal distribution, a Cramér-von-Mises-type test is introduced which is based on Hilbert space theory. A functional central limit theorem for ρ-mixing Hilbert space valued random fields is proven. In order to avoid the estimation of the long-run variance and obtain critical values, Shao’s dependent wild bootstrap method is adapted to this context. For this, a joint functional central limit theorem for the original and the bootstrap sample is shown. Finally, the theoretic results are supplemented by a short simulation study.